Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Rye Crowen and I'm a designer living and working in the Bay Area. When it comes to design, the saying, "Variety is the spice of life", certainly pertains to me, as I enjoy industrial design, visual design, web development, and iOS development to name a few. Learning new things excites me, and I believe my ability to quickly learn and dive deep into a subject is one of my greatest strengths.


OK, you're here for skills. Let’s get down to the business. I’ve worked as a designer since 2000 in a lot of different areas of design, as I mentioned above. You can check out my work on Behance by clicking here. There's certianly a lot of tools out there, and I know a lot them. I'm also a great sketcher (copic markers, please), comfortable with both wood and metal fabrication, know a lot about coffee, and I can play the ukulele.


"Design of all types were well within Rye's grasp, and he has an unending appetite for developing his diverse and deep skill set. It was a pleasure to get to work with someone who is as passionate about design and problem solving as he. Rye worked really well with the minutiae of everyday engineering and design needs as well as blowing barriers away with innovative concepts and solutions. His programming and UX designs were always beautiful and executed perfectly. I would be happy to have one of him in every team I worked with."
- Kevin D. at CDI
"Rye is a phenomenal designer and all around great guy to have on your team. I've truly enjoyed working with him at CDI. Wicked fast with a ball point pen, and a master of the marker sketch, he can visualize exactly what you're thinking, before the words leave your mouth. Add to the mix, a formidable graphics talent, strong UI and programming skillset, a cheery, can-do demeanor, and a worldly knowledge of all things coffee; Rye is both a pleasure to work with, and an exceptional asset to any endeavor."
- Brook P. at CDI
"Rye is always great to work with an continues to look for innovative solutions to any project we have worked on together. His expertise and attention to detail is an invaluable resource."
- Eric C. at Specialized
"Rye knows the design process and how to build ideas from concept to the finished product. He is hardworking, efficient and talented. His CAD work is simply amazing. I very highly recommend him."
- Sean M. at TRX


This is where I'll start to add links to some of the experiments I'm doing. Maybe it's a new app in Angular JS, a Javascipt idea, or the Apple Watch project I'm working on. Maybe a new bench I'm designing in Solidworks, a Revit cabin in Tahoe, or just some photos of something that catches my eye. These will be works in progress and not necessarily slick, final projects. You can view my Behance portfolio for finished projects here.

• Angular JS coffee beans app - add your favorites - Click Here

• Swingin' at the Savoy iPhone app - Click Here

• Interactive javascript - Click Here

• Paper.js example - Click Here

• React JS app from taking Andrew Mead's Udemy class - Click Here

• Node.js/Express/MongDB app from taking Colt Steele's Udemy class - Click Here